HeukHwaDang is a global premium tea & dessert brand that fills the basics with carefully selected ingredients and adds speciality
You can find handmade brown sugar bubble and Taiwanese nutrition sandwiches full of various toppings only in the HeukHwaDang
HeukHwaDang is an independent
and systematic manual that makes it
easy for people who start their own businesses to run their own stores
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It tastes basic and a cup of pretty tea makes your eyes happy and while brown sugar is boiled down, 

the sweetness spreads in the store  with the joy of your eyes, nose and mouth

HeukHwaDang, which is well received not only in Korea but also in various foreign media,

is firmly established with the highest quality and customer satisfaction

Various menus and Differentiated features

The menu of HeukHwaDang is out of the dessert cafe market, which is a common menu centered on coffee and tea bag tea and specialized menus based on high-quality ingredients are presented with the best quality

Easy to operate with systematic manual

Anyone can easily make it with HeukHwaDang's unique and systematic recipe and even first-time entrepreneurs can easily operate a store with a systematic manual

World Popular Dessert

It has been well received by various overseas media outlets, and it is gaining great popularity by opening successively in Japan and Malaysia. We will also planning to open stores in the U.S., Canada, Dubai, Singapore, etc. in the future.

A brown sugar bubble menu specialty store of great depth

The handmade brown sugar bubbles boiled in the store are proud of the deep taste and quality that no one can imitate. In addition, it has been loved by many social networks and has become a famous dessert cafe

Providing high-quality ingredients at an affordable price

Most of the ingredients provided by HeukHwaDang are products directly imported from the head office or directly traded products, minimizing distribution margins and providing high-quality products at reasonable prices

High repurchase rate

All of HeukHwaDang's teas and desserts, made with local Taiwanese recipes, are of high quality. Therefore, it boasts an addictive taste and a high repurchase rate so that no one eats it once.

premium drinks and desserts

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