Dessert Cafe Heukhwadang

Brand Story

Heukhwadang brand introduction


Heukhwadang is a premium tea and dessert house brand that fills 
the base with carefully selected ingredients and adds distinction.





Heukhwadang visits customers with its own differentiated charm

Heuk 黑 :

Brown sugar bubble milk tea, brown sugar coffee latte, brown sugar bubble ice cream

Hwa 花 :

Fruit flower tea, Jasmine green tea, black tea, rose black tea
Dang 堂 :

Heukhwadang is a premium tea and dessert house that introduces variety of high quality tea and dessert.
Premium Tea House 
‘Heukhwadang’s distinction

Premium Tea House 'Heukhwadang'

1. Variety of tea types

Free from Leaving the coffee-based traditional Korean café market, Heukhwadang is introducing various and specialized menu at the highest quality including black tea, brown sugar bubble tea, brown sugar coffee latte, fruit flower tea, rose black tea, grapefruit green tea, milk tea ice cream, pomegranate ice cream and more.

2. Deep specialized store of brown sugar menu

Among many teas, brown sugar bubble milk tea, brown sugar coffee latte, brown sugar bubble ice cream are made with Heukhwadang’s own handmade brown sugar bubble and they are offering unrivaled deep taste and quality. They are gaining explosive popularity on social media thanks to love and word of mouth from customers.

3. Unrivaled dessert menu

Handmade nougat cracker of Mengxiang 82, a high-quality handmade brand, is available only 

at Heukhwadang.

4. Distinction of handmade

Nation’s first, brown sugar bubble is made at the store right in front of the customers. 

We deliver the best sweet and smoky taste.

5. Good ingredient and sincerity

We adhere to carefully selected tea leaves and good ingredients and maintain the best quality.

We frequently brew tea leaves daily and fill the base. And we put our sincerity into every cup by boiling down brown sugar bubble with sincerity for a long time. 

6. Creative and unrivaled recipe

We create creative and unrivaled Heukhwadang’s own menu with a collaborated recipe of co-chairs of Taiwan and Korea. You can experience differentiated menu at Heukhwadang such as fragrant and sweet fruit flower tea that adds real fruit to flower tea, sweet and smoky brown sugar bubble milk tea that adds brown sugar bubbles to milk tea, rose black tea that edible rose meets with black tea, pomegranate ice cream that adds fresh pomegranate to ice cream and more.

7. Café that is pleasant to eyes, nose and mouth

Taste is just a beginning. Beautifully poured tea brings joy to the eyes. While brown sugar is boiled down, store-filling sweet aroma gives pleasure to customers’ eyes, noses, and mouths.

8. Development

Heukhwadang is always doing its best and develops itself to provide the best taste and service.

Heukhwadang signature menu

HHD Milk & Milk Tea

HHD Fruit & Fruit Tea

HHD Ice Cream

HHD Topping