Heukhwadang is a global premium tea and dessert brand that fills the base and adds distinction with carefully selected ingredients.
You can enjoy a variety of menus, from the signature brown sugar bubble milk tea, fruit flower tea to ice cream.
Meet Heukhwadang’s uniquely systemized and differentiated premium system.
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Heukhwadang is a premium tea and dessert brand that fills the base and adds distinction with carefully selected ingredients

Bubble Milk Tea




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We begin the trend of a global brand here in Korea.

黑 : 

Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Coffee Latte, Brown Sugar Bubble Ice Cream

花 : 

Fruit Flower Tea, Jasmine Oolong Tea, Black Tea, Passion Fruit Tea

堂 : 

Heakhwadang is a premium tea and dessert house that presents a variety of special and high quality tea and dessert.
Differentiated Dessert Menu

Heukhwadang’s signature menu, sweet and smoky brown sugar bubble. It is boiled down with sincerity and goes well with soft milk tea. It is popular among everybody.

Easy Operation with Simple Recipe

Ice cream, popular even in winter, and nougat cracker, a popular menu from Mengxiang 82, are popular among everyone from kids to older generation.

Globally Popular Dessert

With its popularity in Taiwan and Japan, it has been continuously invited to popup stores at Lotte Department store. It is establishing a strong standing, thanks to its best quality and customer satisfaction. 

Systemized Manual

With a take-out sales model, it offers fast store turnaround and it is suitable for small outlets. Selected ingredients and fixed recipe would create same flavor all the time.

Maximization of Repeat-Visit

Heukhwadang is leading the market with its addictive items including brown sugar menus that have been boiled down with sincerity, soft milk tea, coffee and popular ice cream. 

Popular for a Gift and a Return Present

Through a meeting between 'Heukhwadang × Mengxiang 82', the cracker is made with our selected ingredients and delivered at its best quality. You can experience differentiated Taiwanese hand-made nougat cracker.

Nationwide and Global Newly Opened Stores Announcement

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