Heukhwadang...'Heukhwadang', a leading player in the K-dessert craze, begins US franchise business

25 Jul 2022

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Source - JoongAng Ilbo 

ㅣPremium Tea & Dessert House Success Model

ㅣUnique brand value and taste 

ㅣ1,000 stores across the U.S.


''Heukhwadang' (CEO Nam-hee Nam), which has successfully opened its 1st and 2nd stores in the US as a famous premium tea & dessert house in Korea, announced that it will develop a franchise business in the US. 

Heukhwadang is a brand that has been well received by rapidly increasing the number of franchisees in Korea thanks to its high sales before Corona. 

Following that momentum, it entered overseas markets such as Japan and Malaysia in 2019 and is operating a total of eight overseas stores. 

Overseas, he has become a hot topic as a restaurant to eat in line for an hour, and he is the protagonist of the K-dessert craze that has appeared in the media several times.

 As requests for membership in the United States also flooded, CEO Namhee Nam established an American corporation in 2019 and prepared everything by conducting market research. However, a month after the establishment of the U.S. subsidiary, the company's entry into the U.S. was suspended due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19. Since then, it has been successfully operated by opening stores in the western and eastern parts of the United States as soon as it becomes possible to partially move between countries and to meet with Corona. Heukhwadang is a successful model that can change the game in the US beverage and dessert market, and is aiming for 1,000 stores across the US.

What is the secret to achieving successful results in a short period of time at home and abroad? CEO Namhee Nam said, “Heukhwadang competes with differentiated, high-quality, and excellent taste. 

Under the name of a premium tea & dessert house, not only coffee, but also tea, bubble tea, fruit drinks, and ice cream are added to the pleasure of viewing, providing a unique and high-quality product.

We make the best taste with raw materials and deliver it to our customers.”

Heukhwadang brews carefully selected high-quality tea leaves every day without using tea bags, and makes various teas and fruit drinks using the tea leaves. The signature ''Brown Sugar Bubble'' boils the bubble once every 4 hours and boils the signature brown sugar directly at the store for the best taste.

In addition, Heukhwadang's menus are famous for providing both the pleasure of viewing and the pleasure of eating.

For example, ''Aurora Sunset Konjac Bubble'' made it possible to enjoy a beautiful visual as the color of the drink changed several times. 

In addition, konjac bubble, which has a lot less calories than regular tapioca and has a firm texture, was developed to help diet and enjoy a special taste.

Meanwhile, Heukhwadang was recognized for its distinctive brand value and collaborated with major companies such as BTS' character BT21 Audi, a famous game company and apparel company, or was introduced through domestic and foreign TV broadcasts. are receiving.

In addition, Heukhwadang is launching an official franchise business by registering FDD in California and New York. Starting with the flagship stores in major regions, the company plans to actively expand its domestic and overseas business with the goal of planting the Heukhwadang Party's flag all over the United States and rising to the ranks of success stories as a K-brand.

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